How big is it?

Our building designs are complete and they’re spectacular.  The final size comes in at just over 45,000 square feet of brilliant customization.  With a priority placed on bio-security, ease of use and product offerings our new facility will be truly state of the art.  We’re going to be building the most bio-secure cannabis facility anywhere that utilises technologies like air-locks and air curtains.  Keeping pests out is a key role in producing Canada’s best marijuana, another key element is the air surrounding our plants.  We treat the grow room air 5 different times and having the facility designed around logical, simple operating procedures make this design truly amazing.  The facility design ensures that we can produce the cleanest cannabis in the world.  Having the cleanest cannabis combined with premium genetics will have us growing Canada’s best marijuana.

Once the facility is fully optimized we’ll be growing about 4,000,000 g/year yes that 4 million grams a year.  We know this isn’t the largest cannabis facility in the world but it is the most bio-secure and cleanest cannabis facility and it will grow Canada’s best marijuana.

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