Building Design

We’ve started the design process for our state of the art facility that will provide us the ability to produce the best medical marijuana in Canada.  This is a high performance purpose built facility designed specifically to grow world class cannabis in the most efficient method possible.  We’re working with Leigh Grant from Cascadia AC who’s become a cannabis guru after gaining experience from the design and build on multiple ACMPR facilities in Canada.   With Leigh’s guidance we’re utilizing industry best practices for tried and true cultivation methods that will give us bankable repeatable yields.  And where it makes sense we’re bringing the cannabis industry into the 21st century with truly amazing automation systems.

Our first build out footprint will be 40,000 sqft located on nearly 160 acres of land near Hanna AB.  The first phase is intended to establish our methods and procedures to produce the best medical marijuana in Canada.  We’ll then have the ability to rapidly expand out and have well over 5,000,000 sqft; yes five million square feet of canopy.

The subsequent phases when we start building out that 5,000,000 sqft will provide Royal Canadian Cannabis the ability to supply the growing demand for the anticipated adult cannabis market in Canada.  In addition to being able to supply Canada with world class cannabis we’re positioning ourselves to be able to help quell the world cannabis shortage with exports to emerging markets around the globe.

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