Content Creator Royal Canadian Cannabis

We are seeking an expert-level content creator to develop photos, video, and social content to promote our brand across all digital and social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Must be a positive, creative, and dedicated hard worker who can balance a multitude of tasks in an extremely fast work paced environment. Must deliver high quality content on tight deadlines.

Job type: Contract

How it works

  1. Register as a Royal Canadian Cannabis Contributor
  2. Submit your content
  3. Get Paid $10

We'll review the content you created and if we like what we see and think other people will too you'll get paid.  We'll share your post to our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.   Everyone will see how awesome of a content creator you are and you'll get paid.  Along with the content you upload we'll allow you to include a link to your portfolio that will increase exposure to your own work and ensure you're getting the credit you deserve for the great work you produce.




The Details