Our mission is to be Canada's Premier Cannabis brand and produce Canada's best marijuana

We are a smaller, technically proficient, craft cannabis company that provides product for the "cannoisseur". We strive for hand-nurtured plants, plants that are allowed to thrive and express their genetics. We strive for plants that are not just about THC content, but about experience. Plants that are rich in terpenes and cannabinoids and in ratios that allow for the treatment of ailments as well as the enjoyment of a vast number of experiences.

Royal Canadian Cannabis Corporation Planet

The Royal Canadian Cannabis Approach

At Royal Canadian Cannabis our method of producing cannabis is with care.  We care about the product we grow, we care about our customers and we care about how we impact the world around us. That's why with care we use the most economical and environmentally sustainable methods the world has ever seen to grow Canada's best marijuana.

The Royal Canadian Cannabis Story

In this emerging industry the founding partners of Royal Canadian Cannabis saw opportunity.  By witnessing the mistakes of all the first LP’s we know we can do it better and we know we can do it right the first time.  We’ve done our homework and listened to consumers demands from their current LP’s who can’t deliver.  We’ve taken our time and carefully formulated a plan to solve these problems and produce a better product with a better customer experience.  

The Royal Canadian Cannabis Team

The Royal Canadian Cannabis founders have the perfect mix of backgrounds to form the basis and vision of the best Cannabis Licensed Producer in the country.  Along with vision these founders also have enough insight to know they can't do it alone so they've formed one of the most talented and experienced management teams any cannabis startup has ever had.

The Royal Canadian Cannabis Management team has extensive experience with taking companies from the ground floor plan to a successful operating company.  Each Executive specializes in one of the vital roles required for success.  From executive governance and execution, to finance and fiscal responsibility, to the deep complex regulatory requirements.

Royal Canadian Cannabis Info

Royal Canadian Cannabis produces the best Marijuana in Canada with the most efficient method know to mankind. For the most update information relating to careers, investment opportunities or becoming a registered patient sign up now.