We produce Canada's best Marijuana

What's it take to produce the Canada's best marijuana?  Well first of all it takes a lot of planning.  We worked with the most experienced and sought after designers in the cannabis industry to develop a highly automated, and incredibly simply to operate cannabis production facility.  While the cannabis still technically grows we have so much control over every aspect of the life cycle we can honestly say we're producing cannabis.

Everything from where our employees hang their coat to the orientation of our cannabis extractor was considered in our design.  Because of this meticulous planning our facility is truly state of the art.

To grow amazing world class cannabis like we are requires very strict environmental and procedural controls.  Our system allows us to know and to control every aspect of every plant.  Because of this knowledge and control we're able to replicate the exact same high quality product time and time again.

Cannabis Facility Design

Clean cannabis is the best cannabis.  We produce the cleanest marijuana possible and have no need to treat or irradiate our products.  In our pursuit to be Canada's premier cannabis brand and produce Canada's best marijuana our intent is to never unnecessarily expose your medication to radiation.

Clean Rooms and Air-Locks create a Bio-Secure environment

Cannabis Clean room
Cannabis air shower

The cannabis facility design is one of the most important factors in producing Canada's best marijuana.  Our facility was designed to grow the best cannabis in the country by employing 3 main concepts:

  • Bio-Security - The most important aspect for the best marijuana

    • Keep all contaminants away from plants.  Every room is a clean room, we've used technologies like air curtains and even state of the art air locks.  Canada's best marijuana is also Canada's cleanest marijuana.
    • The only organic material in the grow rooms are the plants.  Soil contains bugs so we don't use it and we don't have bugs.
    • Our grow room air is treated 5 times, so we don't have mould or mildew.
  • Ease of Operation - We can grow cannabis in our sleep

    • Our design was based around logical processes that ensures efficiency of every task and our automation system provides constant monitoring and alerts our growers the instant something isn't perfect.
    • The technology we're using lets our growers monitor each plant and make micro adjustments for optimal growth from anywhere in the world.
  • Plant Genetics - We can simultaneously grow 16 different strains

    • The Cannabis plant has a unique ability to have different DNA from one plant to the next that results in different medicinal properties and explains why there are so many strains.  This provides the opportunity to tailor and create a plant for specific purposes.
    • Not all Cannabis is equal - Cannabis is like most things you get what you pay for.  We don't produce cheap cannabis, as Canada's premier cannabis brand we produce only the best marijuana in Canada.
    • We've sourced award winning cannabis DNA and we're sure to have a strain you'll love.

Unique Canadian Cannabis Investment Opportunity

As a result of our ability to think outside the box we've separated ourselves from the rest of the pack and because of that we offer a unique investment opportunity.  First of all Royal Canadian Cannabis wholly owns and operates an ISO certified medical cannabis production facility.  Our better than the rest grow facility produces the best medical marijuana in Canada with a 45,000 sqft facility and capacity to increase to over 5 million sqft.

In addition to a world class cannabis production facility we also wholly own and operate a nation wide centralized medical marijuana registration & ordering system.  This first of its kind centralized registration and ordering system links patients, health care providers and licensed producers with a single platform.

The third cannabis industry vertical that really rounds out the uniqueness of the investment opportunity we offer is creating a new standard for cannabis production.  Royal Canadian Cannabis has an ownership and management position in an agricultural innovation company.  Where the Patent Pending technology has the potential to change not only the Cannabis industry but food production around the world.

If you're interested to find out more about this amazing cannabis investment opportunity click here to send us a message.  We'll be in touch shortly to provide you with every you need to know so you can make an informed decision.

We're separating ourselves from the rest of the pack

Better Values

Located in the Heart of the Prairies Royal Canadian Cannabis is dedicated to producing world class Cannabis.  In addition to growing the best medical marijuana in Canada we're also environmental and social stewards because we're growing with an unprecedented level of sustainability.

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Royal Canadian Cannabis Difference

Along with being a world class Cannabis grower and producing the best medical marijuana in the country Royal Canadian Cannabis is also a Technology Company.  While having Robots grow our cannabis around the clock we've also created an entirely new medical cannabis ordering platform.

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Creating Value

At Royal Canadian Cannabis we concentrate on growing world class cannabis with an unprecedented cost and energy efficiency.  This will create real value for shareholders and an incredible product for patients.

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Who is Royal Canadian Cannabis

Find out who we are and why we have such a drive to become Canada's Premier Cannabis brand.  Learn more about why we've decided to grow Canada's best marijuana.